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Welcome to Health Guide, First of all Thanks for visit our Website. Our main goal is to create health awareness among people with various useful information about health and help people to get good health. By providing all the information about health, we will try to create this attitude among people that good health is the root of happiness. We want people to benefit from getting information from us and we will be working towards that goal. The information will be provided on our website:- 1. Good health 2. Health awareness 3. Ideas about different diseases of germs 4. Concept of various medications (benefits and disadvantages) 5. Ideas about various types of operations 6. treatment 7. Best doctors 8. The best hospitals 9. treatment cost 10. The operation cost of different countries 11. The idea about beneficial food 12. Advantages and disadvantages 13. Ideas about different surgery Etc what people want to know about health or what they need to know about health. In a word, We will try to give people a full idea about health through our website.