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Blepharoplasty recovery
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Blepharoplasty recovery takes only a short period of time. But can you fasten the recovery process even more? Or are you doing something that can prolong the entire recovery process? In this article, you will know the recovery time of blepharoplasty surgery and also how to fasten the process.

Blepharoplasty Surgery

Blepharoplasty surgery is a surgery to improve eye vision. It is performed on individuals who have excess bagginess, skin or fats in their eyelids. This surgery removes the excess part and clears up “waste” and provides individuals with a clearer vision.

Blepharoplasty is also known as eyelid surgery, for obvious reasons. It is also sometimes referred to as ‘eyelift’ surgery. But it is better not to use this term in my opinion because there are surgeries that deal with eye lifting too. So it just creates confusion really.

This surgery is more effective for people of old age. As they reach an older age, bagginess is seen more in their eyes. There could be so much bagginess that they could have a serious problem in their clear vision. In such situations, there is no such better treatment than eyelid surgery.

Will Pre-Op Preparation Affect Recovery Time?

The way you prepare yourself for the surgery will ultimately affect your recovery time also. It is necessary to take the right precaution before the surgery that will make recovery even easier for you.

It could be important medications that you need to take before the surgery. There could be a special diet that you need to follow specifically. There might be some food that you will be advised to refrain from. All these should be kept in mind and followed like they are supposed to be followed.

These will impact how smooth your surgery is and also how efficient your recovery will be. There is no need for us here to make a big list of dos and don’ts, but we will state just a few that are too important to not mention.

When you have finally decided to have the surgery, you will have some time to prepare yourself for the surgery. The doctor will tell you what to do and what not to do.

In this period, alcohol consumption should be completely avoided. It will only add to the trouble. Alcohol consumption might not have an effect on the operation itself but will certainly cause problems during the recovery period.

Another thing you have to give up is smoking. Like alcohol, smoking will also prolong the recovery time. There could be scars that appear because of smoking. As a result, the healing process will be delayed by some time.

You should give up smoking and alcohol consumption at least a week before the surgery. You want to recover quickly, don’t you?

It will be

better if you stop taking unnecessary drugs or pills before the surgery. As the eyelid surgery will have its own prescriptions, it is better to leave other prescriptions aside. If you do not leave them then these might react with your prescription of blepharoplasty surgery and cause trouble. No need to worry, if you do have any other medications then discuss with your doctor if you can have them or not.

Okay, enough don’ts. Let’s see one thing that you are actually supposed to do. The doctor might advise you to take a lot of water. This is effective before and also after the surgery during the recovery period.

Side Effects That Prolong Recovery Time

Like any other surgery, this surgery also has some potential risks or side effects. You will learn about some of them here.

Even though it is a pretty safe procedure altogether, there are chances of side effects. The infection has been seen in patients who have had eyelid surgery. If it does occur then not only will the recovery time be more, but you have to treat it again. That will make recovery a lot longer than it’s supposed to be.

Another side effect is that there might be a dry eye problem. This is a common side effect found among the blepharoplasty surgery’s patients. This is another obstacle to recovering fast.

The vision problem is also a side effect of this surgery that is worth mentioning. There could be times where your eyes will be blurry. You will have to go to the doctor to discuss this problem. They will provide further medications.

There are some side effects which you can prevent by being obedient to the doctor’s advice. It would be foolish to not take precaution when you know that there is a potential of unnecessary side effects. Dealing with them in the correct manner will increase your chance of fast recovery for sure.

The Recovery Period

Before I say anything, I want to remind you that there is no advice that you should give preference to your doctor’s advice. Follow the doctor’s suggestions and avoid any advice that contradicts them.

Now the recovery period for this surgery is generally 2-3 weeks. It could be more or less. In this period, there are some guidelines that you should obey.

It is very important that you assign someone to care for you. During your recovery, you should be as idle as possible. Housework should be avoided. You need to have someone else do that for you. It will be better if you move less. When you sleep, try to keep your head at a height that will keep your eyes safe. Use two pillows if you have to.

It is best if you can fully recover without going outside at all. But the truth is that you might have to go outside, even for medical reasons. That is when your eyes are at some sort of risk. You should wear sunglasses whenever you step outside. This will protect your eyes from dust, sun and other particles that pose a threat to your eyes.


the surgery and during the recovery period, your eyes could be tiring a lot. They might always want to stay close. You should not worry. This is normal for most patients. That is why it is recommended that you sleep more. Your eyes have gone through a tough surgery, they need some rest man.

Dry eyes are a common problem seen in individuals that have had this surgery. When this does occur then your doctor should provide a prescription for eye drops. Apply them as per the doctor’s order.

You should stop doing some activities that increase the flow of blood to the eyes. Although it is generally good to increase the flow of blood to the eyes, in this case, it is a problem. The activities that can increase the flow of blood are lifting heavy objects or any objects that include bending down, moving around too much, sporting, and even crying can increase the blood flow.

If there is a certain form of exercise that you need to do to fasten the recovery then your doctor will tell you so.

Your Recovery Timeline

From the time of the surgery up until you are fully recovered, there will be some things you face. There is no need to worry about some things, while other things might need some attention. So it is better if you know what to expect during that period. So, here is a little timeline to help you get a good idea of what’s coming.

First 24 hours after surgery: You are most likely to experience blurry vision. You might feel incapable of closing your eyes. Remember to stay out of physical activities.

The first week: Blurry vision could still remain. In addition to that, a lot of swelling could take place. There could be bruising around your eyes. These should not worry you. Use cold compresses and give your eyes a lot of rest.

Until recovered: There could still be puffiness or swelling in the next one or two weeks before you finally recover. You should avoid glaring at screens. TV, computers, mobile phones are better to keep away from. There will be a specific diet advised by the doctor, follow them. Drink a lot of water throughout the recovery process. It is better to stop working during this period. You should take two-three weeks of absence from your job.

The recovery takes about 14 days. It could be up to 24 days. But you have some authority of recovering fast. The recovery time depends a lot on how you take care of yourself. Even though blepharoplasty recovery time is short, it is still important that you keep aware and fasten the recovery process yourself.