Diabetes how to eat healthy and well

There are two main types of diabetes, which are quite distinct from each other:

 Type 1 diabetes, which requires insulin injections, and

Type 2, which can be managed with dietary modifications and medication.

Your doctor will be able to determine which type you have, and may also refer you to a Diabetes Education program for further information on insulin. Insulin is classified according to how long it works in the body, and there are five different types, from rapid onset to long-acting

. Eating a healthy diet, along with regular physical activity and weight control, is essential to managing diabetes. This includes high fibre carbohydrates, reducing fat intake (especially saturated fat), and portion control.

It may also be helpful to consult a dietitian to develop a healthy eating plan. People with diabetes do not need to have separate meals or buy special foods – healthy eating is the same for everyone!

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