Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty)

Eyelid Surgery
Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, which is also called blepharoplasty or also commonly known as eye lift is performed on the eyelid of a patient for cosmetic reasons or also to improve the vision of older people. Young people do not require this surgery to be performed on their eyes unless they want to look more dashing and younger by doing skin adjustments. Older people require this surgery because the sagging upper eyelid gets in the way of seeing all the time. So, they perform blepharoplasty to improve their vision. 

Why Eyelid Surgery?

With growing age, skin loses elasticity. This lack of elasticity causes excess skin on the upper eyelid to fall before the eyes which causes disturbances in vision. Excess skin on the lower eyelid can cause wrinkles and lumps. Excess fats on the upper or lower, both eyelids could also be the reason for wrinkles and lumps. This is a very major problem in the appearance of a person. To get rid of these problems, eyelid surgery is performed. Doing blepharoplasty can improve the quality of ones’ outer appearance.

Bulges on the eyelids could also be a result of hereditary condition that runs in the family. In that case, a young person can perform this surgery for beautification at an early age. Otherwise, young people do not need a blepharoplasty at an early age unless they are facing visual disturbances due to saggy eyelids.

What happens during the procedure

We know blepharoplasty is also known as an eye lift. But, it is a misused term. The eye is never lifted during the surgery. Nor the eyelid is lifted. In this surgery, extra skin or fat is added or removed as necessary. Sometimes lumps of muscles are also removed. And these are done to remove the aged appearance from a person’s face or visual disturbances due to the excess skin or fat.

Generally, it takes almost two hours of time if both upper and lower eyelids are operated together. When someone performs blepharoplasty on all four eyelids, in that case, the surgeon may work on the two upper eyelids at first and then on the two lower eyelids.

There are several kinds of techniques are followed by the doctors for cutting the eyelids. The most used technique of doing the upper eyelid is: at first, the surgeon will make cuts along with the lines of the eyelids. Then, through these cuts, the surgeon will be able to remove the skin or fats. They can also add skin or fats through these lines. After finishing this, they stitch the cut line. The stitch will remain on the skin of the patient for a few days and then the doctors will remove them or of the stitch is self-absorbing, removing it will not be necessary.

The lower eyelid surgery is not done in any specific way. There are many techniques by which lower eyelid surgery is performed by the doctors. In one technique, the surgeon makes cuts along the eyelash margin just underneath the eye. In another technique, the cut is made inside the lower eyelid. After cutting it open following anyways, the rest of the procedure is just as same as before. Excess fat or skin is added or removed from the eye as necessary. Or in some cases, muscles are also removed. Then the place is stitched.

After the surgery is finished and you are fully cured, you will get younger and more beautiful eyes than before. The doctor may also use a carbon dioxide laser to enhance the surgery procedure by resurfacing the skin and removing any wrinkles that are left around the eye area.


The recovery period from blepharoplasty is very short. You can even go to work within two or three weeks! Yes, that’s how short the recovery time is. During the recovery period, you may face various problems. Dry eyes, itchy eyes, puffy or swelling eyes, bruising, etc. are some of them. All of them will heal in a few days. All you need to do is to follow what your doctor suggests you to do. Take all the medication he gives regularly. Stay away from the things he will tell you. One thing he is obviously going to tell you is to stay away from screens. And you must stay away from every type of screens as much as possible.

If any complications arise during the recovery period, immediately go to the doctor and inform him about the problems you are facing instead of sitting at home and waiting for the problems to heal itself.

Duration of the result

There is no specific saying that you will get the benefits from the surgery for these specific days or months or years. One thing for sure is, the result is not for forever. No worries! The result may not be everlasting but the condition of your eyelid will never go back to the place as it was before the surgery. Even if you age after the surgery, your eyes will still remain a bit younger than your age. For some people, the result of the surgery lasts for 5 years or even more than that. For some people, the result lasts for 10 years or even more than that. And for some people, it may last even for a longer period of time.

Whatever the range of the result is, blepharoplasty does not need to be repeated or, it is repeated in very rare cases. But if someone needs to repeat, he or she should consider doing a forehead lift instead of second eyelid surgery. Because forehead lift will give him or her a far better result than another blepharoplasty. 


The cost of a blepharoplasty surgery varies on different factors like country, area of the country, hospital, doctor, etc. A normal eyelid surgery procedure can cost you from at least $2000 and a complicated or large surgery can cost you from at least $5000. And this is the probable amount of the fee of the surgeon only. Other different charges can cost you from $800 to $2000 or even more. If you have health insurance, the insurance company can cover most of the expenses of the surgery though, health insurance companies barely pay for cosmetic eyelid surgeries.