Eyelid Surgery Cost and The Explanation For it

Eyelid surgery cost
Eyelid surgery cost

It is actually hard to tell the exact costs of the eyelid surgery because it depends on many different factors. In this article, we are going to discuss these eyelid surgery cost factors and also try to come up with an estimated cost.

Eyelid surgery meaning, synonyms and more

Have you ever seen a person who has aged so much that their skins are folding up? I am sure that you have. This surgery is most effective for such people.

It generally is a surgery that is done to remove excess skin from the upper eyelid. And as for the lower eyelid, this surgery removes or at least reduces much bagginess.

The older people suffer from this issue more than anybody else. There could even be so much bagginess and excess skin that the person will have trouble insight. Can you believe that? That is when this surgery is done to improve the eyesight of the patient.

But there is also another reason for going through this surgery. And believe it or not, this reason is why even many young people have this surgery. And this is when they want to look better. Some people from their birth have bulky eyelids. And this in their mind makes them look not so beautiful. So to look more attractive they go through this surgery.

This particular surgery has many different names that are used widely around the world. Anyone with little knowledge about the surgery will recognize these common names. This surgery is also commonly known as “eyelift surgery”. Although I don’t like using this particular name because it could refer to other surgeries like ptosis.

Another popular name of this surgery is blepharoplasty. This might actually be not known among the average people. It is, in fact, a term that is most used by the professionals themselves.

The Confusion

A lot of people make a little mistake in identifying this surgery. They confuse this surgery of blepharoplasty with another similar kind of surgery known as Ptosis. Although they are both surgeries that are conducted or connected with the eyelids, they are not the same.

We have already learned a little about blepharoplasty. So let’s know a little about the Ptosis surgery. Then you yourself will begin to understand the difference.

Ptosis surgery is a repairing process that actually changes the position of the eyelids. The height of the eyelids is changed from the position it stays on the surface of the eye. Have you got the difference?

This is a simple difference. The height of the eyelids is not changed during the blepharoplasty. It just removes fat from the eyelid and at the end, there is no change in height unlike during the Ptosis surgery.

Why do many people make a mistake and think they are the same? That is because of the cause. The cause is pretty similar in both cases. Both the patients for Ptosis and blepharoplasty often have excess skin and fat in the upper lid. This is actually the primary reason why people make this mistake.

Cosmetic vs Functional

In general, there are two types of blepharoplasty surgery. The surgical procedures for cosmetic and functional are the same. There is just one difference.

Cosmetic surgery is a surgery that is not necessary or mandatory at all. Medically, it is not necessary. Then why people do it? Because they are not satisfied with their appearance. There is only one reason for this surgery and it is improving one’s appearance.

The prime candidates for this surgery are the people who are aging. As we age, our skin starts looking not so cool, right? Especially, the parts around the eye if you have noticed. Also for many people, this could be a problem from their birth. And they might not like it. So they go through this cosmetic surgery.

The functional blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery just like the cosmetic one. But the functional one is actually a surgery that is necessary for the patients. And it is not to improve the appearance. Rather it is more often done to improve the vision of the patient. The fat and excess skin might prevent the patient from seeing with clear sight. For this reason, this surgery is performed.

Do You Qualify?

I am sure that by now you have learned who might really need this surgery. But even after that, if you are not sure then visit your doctor. If you can reach a well-known plastic surgeon then do not miss the opportunity.

The Surgeons at Your Service

Now you know if you need this surgery or not. But who is capable of performing this surgery? Huh that is an important question, isn’t it?

This surgery is rather an easy one to perform actually. So you will find most plastic surgeons capable of helping you out with the surgery. You can trust most plastic surgeons for this job. Unlike the Ptosis repair surgery. In Ptosis repairing, not all are that much reliable, to be honest. For a Ptosis surgery, an oculoplastic surgeon is the best.


The time before any surgery is important. This is the same case with the blepharoplasty. This preparation period is the time from meeting with your surgeon until the start of the surgery.

There are a lot of guidelines you will receive from your doctor. Give preference to the doctor’s guideline over any other source. If my guidelines contradict with your doctor’s, then please throw my one to the ocean.

Are you a smoker? If you are then this habit of yours is not going to help at all leading up to the surgery. Sorry my friend, but you need to give up smoking before at least a week of the surgery.

How will it affect you? Well, there will not be any problem with the surgery. The surgery will go as it was supposed to, it doesn’t matter if you smoked or not. But the problem will be afterward. You will find it more difficult to recover from the surgery. And also the wounds will remain longer than they are supposed to. So it is better to avoid smoking these few days.

As usual, with the smoking problem comes the alcohol problem. You need to sip your last drop of alcohol at least one week before the surgery. You don’t drink at all? Well, that is excellent for you.

Try to not consume any unnecessary drugs or pills at this stage. Some pills might react with the medications that you will need to have after the operation. So if you are already taking drugs then discuss with your doctor if you can continue to have those drugs. Also discuss with your doctor if you need any new drugs like for fever, cough, etc.

If this is the first time you are going through a blepharoplasty surgery then discuss and learn everything you need to know about it from your doctor. Like I said, your doctor is your best advisor. Do not hesitate to ask any question you have in mind.

The doctor will continue to examine you leading up to the date of the surgery. He will give the necessary instructions that you will need to follow. Make sure you take his advice to mind and follow it up until the surgery. This will hopefully prepare you well enough for the surgery.


Generally speaking, recovering from the eyelid surgery is not that much complicated. It is rather a comparatively easy process. First and foremost, follow your doctor’s instructions with strict obedience. And even you seek help from this or any other source, make sure to not follow that which contradicts your doctor’s advice.

Now the first 24 hours are going to be a bit troublesome for you especially if you are going through your first blepharoplasty surgery. You need to take care of yourself in this period.

A lot of swelling will take place near the eye or operated place. It is a must that you avoid all kinds of physical exhaustion in this first 24 hours or so. You are going to need some help from others. Make sure you assign a person from your family to take of you in this period. Take all the help you need from them.

The puffiness or swellings that you might experience in the first week or so are normal. Do not worry about those.

Keep your hands off of any type of alcohol bottle. It is better to give up for life of course but at least doesn’t even dare to drink until you have completely recovered.

Your doctor will inform you about how and what type of food you need to prefer in this recovery period. A lot of water to drink is one of the important advice they are going to give. You might have to give up some of your favorite food, do give up. It is only for a while my friend. After the recovery, you can eat as much as you want.

And of course, there will be prescriptions for drugs that you will need to take. Make sure you buy all the prescribed drugs and take them in their due time.

How long will it take to recover fully? It actually depends on how accurate you have been in following the doctor’s advice. The total recovery process could take from three weeks up to six-seven weeks.

The Risks

There are some serious risks at stake with this surgery. Although danger may happen due to the surgeon’s lack of skill, you yourself can put yourself under the bus. The risk could be as high as blindness!

Infection is one risk that all the doctors advise their patients about. Due to the lack of care by the patient after the surgery, the infection might occur. It is recommended to stay at home after the surgery. You should not go out to places where your eye could catch dust.

Bleeding is another dangerous aftermath that could occur with this surgery. In fact, this bleeding is ultimately the reason behind blindness from this surgery. But if the bleeding is too much and it is recognized at an early stage by the doctor then treatment can be done to prevent a disaster like blindness. That is why it is so important to keep in contact with your doctor during the recovery period. You should keep your doctor updated about your condition.

The position of the eyelid could change and switch to an abnormal place. This could prevent the patient from seeing with clear sight. This could be a temporary problem. So it is better to inform your doctor as soon as you encounter the problem.

Other common risks of this surgery include scarring, dry eye, double vision, etc. You should know the potential risks of this surgery from your doctor before going through the surgery.

The Expenses

As I mentioned at the start, it is hard to narrow down one specific number because the cost depends on many different factors. In this point, we will discuss the factors that could affect the total eyelid surgery cost.

The cost varies depending on your location. Yes! Your location alone also has an influence in controlling the total tally. If you are looking to get your surgery in the faraway village area or rural area then the cost will decrease a great deal. For obvious reason, the rural areas are always less expensive. But the cost will increase a great deal if it is performed in the urban place. And the exact city also matters. For example, an expensive city like Melbourne will cost you more.

But it is noteworthy that the treatment in the urban area is going to provide you better facilities. 

The surgery can be performed in a hospital, in a private center, or even in-home (with required items available). This is going to increase or decrease your overall cost. But you could ask why go to other places when hospitals are available? This happens with many people. They do not feel comfortable sitting in a hospital with other humans who are sick. My mother is actually afraid of hospitals. So for people like her, it is better to go to a private center or perform at home if possible.

The anesthesia fee is going to add some more money to the cost. Don’t know what anesthesia is? It is a procedure used to make the patient unaware of the ongoing operation. It is also used to make the patient feel no pain during the operation. The anesthesia is of four types:

1)    General

2)    Regional

3)    Local

4)    Monitored

You will most likely be given the general anesthesia. There is also a chance of local anesthesia if you do the operation in a doctor’s office. Your insurance can cover the cost of any type of anesthesia.

Of course, there will be some medical tests done. The exams and tests done will add to the cost. But don’t worry, the doctors will only do the tests that are necessary. Yet the cost will add up to a significant amount.

The most costly part of the whole surgery is the surgeon’s fee. It will take a significant amount of money from your pocket. How much will it cost depends on the surgeon you choose. An oculoplastic surgeon will cost you a great deal of money. But a normal plastic surgeon will not cost that much.

Also, the surgeon’s recognition is a factor. The more famous surgeon they are, the more you will need to pay. The more experienced the surgeon, you need to pay more the money also. So with all these factors in mind, you need to decide and choose a surgeon who will get the job done and take a lesser amount of money.

The expense also depends on the extent you are going with surgery. The eyelid operation is such an operation where you may need to only lower eyelid or upper eyelid surgery. And you might also need to get them both fixed. In addition to this, many people tend to finish a brow lift surgery. This will add to the cost. So, determine the extent you are willing to go. You do not want to go back to the operation room again just for the brow lift. It is better to complete them both at the same time.

With all these factors, this surgery becomes a little expensive. On average the total eyelid surgery cost can be estimated to $3,099. Of course, remember that this is only an estimated amount. It might vary up and down. Now based on all the above factors the actual price could be around $950-$5500. Again, this is only an estimated value. Do not be surprised to learn otherwise.


At the time before the operation, ask and learn from your doctor about the actual cost he or the hospital will take from you. The surgeon should give you an idea of how much an eyelid surgery is going to cost.