Eyelid Surgery With Laser

laser eyelid surgery
laser eyelid surgery

The eyelid surgery has been a dominating and successful surgery for a long time. But the use of laser during this surgery has rather been a recent addition. In this article, you will learn about laser eyelid surgery.


Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty surgery has been a popular surgery for some time now. It is actually one of the topmost comfortable eye surgeries available. It has also a good success rate to go with the ease of the procedure.

The incision during blepharoplasty is generally done in two methods. The first method is done with the help of a scalpel. And the second one is with a laser. Hence, the name laser blepharoplasty surgery. You will know more about them later in the article.

The reasons for doing this surgery can be summed up to three. The reasons could be thickened muscle, excess fats, and skin laxity. You will also know more about these inside the article.

So, it is only appropriate to know the right definition of the surgery.

A laser eyelid surgery is an eye surgery performed using a laser to help correct certain form of defectiveness that may reside in the human eyes.

Moreover, this surgery is done for both cosmetic and functional reason. Later in the article, we will differentiate between these two terms.

You will find in many places that this surgery is often referred to as “eye lift” surgery. I do not like this because there are other surgeries which could also be referred to as an eyelift surgery. So, it is better to use the terms of eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty surgery.

Laser or Traditional Blepharoplasty?

Whenever there is a discussion about this surgery, this question always comes into mind. So, let’s get a clear idea about the two and then you can decide yourself which one is better, okay?

Now, there is absolutely no difference whatsoever as far as the purpose of the two surgeries is concerned. There are two parts, the upper eyelid, and the lower eyelid. This surgery involves working with these two parts.

Excess skin or fats might deposit on the upper eyelid over time. This surgery is used to remove the excess skin from the upper eyelid. This surgery also removes or at least reduces bagginess formed on the lower eyelid. The traditional way, as well as the laser method, both are used for this common purpose.

The biggest difference between the two is the equipment used in the surgical procedure. In the traditional method, you will find the use of a scalpel. But no such scalpels are used in the laser method. And also unlike the laser method, the traditional method offers no use of laser.

It is tough to tell which one is better because there is no proof for such a claim. They seem to offer the same level of comfort to the patient. But, to make it easy for you to come to a conclusion, we are going to see some important points about both types.

The laser method could be a problem for the tissues. There are reports of thermal tissue damage that occur due to the laser used. But the good thing about scalpel surgery is that there is no concern for tissue damage.

Laser method also offers other benefits. There will a lot less bruising, which is a common side effect of this surgery. There are chances of less bleeding due to the laser because it coagulates the vessel well. But with the scalpel, bleeding chances are higher.

One problem that is seen after the laser procedure is excess swelling. This is perhaps because of the heat produced by the laser used in the surgery. Compared to this, the scalpel will not produce that much swelling.

No matter which method it is, there is one thing for sure. And that is, both the type offers a very long-lasting result. You will not need to worry about the same problem for a long time once you go through this surgery, laser or the traditional one.

So, it is up to you. Which one do you think will offer a better outcome? Or are you also tied up from making a specific choice? If so then you do not need to worry. Go visit a well-known plastic surgeon. They will examine your situation and help you come to a conclusion.

Can Both Be Done Simultaneously?

First and foremost, there is really no need for you to undergo both. But it is something that could be done by the surgeons.

And in truth, it might give a better result too. The procedure should be pretty easy. Scalpel should be used to do the incisions. Then excess skin or fat can be removed by the use of the scalpel.

Then the laser could be used to tighten the skin of both upper and lower eyelids. In this way, a combined usage of the two could be effective.

Cosmetic and Functional

Okay then, as promised you will now know about these two terms in this point.

Blepharoplasty surgery that is done to improve the appearance of the patient is called cosmetic. This type of surgery is not done for medical reasons. They are not mandatory.

The surgery that is done to improve the vision of the patient is known as functional. This type is a necessary surgery. More often the older people have so many excess fats that they lose the ability to see with a 20-20 vision. So, to improve the vision of such people, functional blepharoplasty is done.

Laser Eyelid Surgery at Your Service

The modern age has certainly given us much. With the rapid continuation of the discovery of new equipment and methods, the medical sector has flown up to the seventh sky. Laser blepharoplasty is one of those advanced surgeries.

Laser eyelid surgery is easier to perform by the surgeon than to use a scalpel. Moreover, it has many capabilities now that has caught the attention of patients. Some advantages and its capability are discussed below.

With age, the eyes start to look tired. But now this tired-looking eye can easily be eliminated by the laser blepharoplasty surgery. The surgery will not only remove the tired look of the eyes, but it will also give you a younger look. It is like a time machine that takes you back to your younger looks, isn’t that cool?

The puffiness of the eyes is nothing but a pain for most people. This puffiness at one point in time was thought to be impossible to remove. But guess what laser blepharoplasty can do?

It is also one of the safest surgeries done today. There are not many risks involved and the possible side effects are very limited too.

Recovering From Laser Surgery

There will be some degree of swelling that is going to take place after the surgery. The swelling will be more than the scalpel method. Laser is the reason for that.

But it is pretty normal with the eyelid surgery. All you have to do is know how to deal with it properly. You need to be prepared for this even before the surgery.

In the first 1-2 days after the surgery, too much swelling will trouble you a bit. So, it is important that you keep yourself away from any kind of physical work. You need to have someone to look after you in this period. To take care of yourself, it is better to appoint a family member.

Smoking and alcohol consumption are to be avoided during the whole recovery process. You should get instruction about the food you need to prioritize during this period. Generally, your doctor will tell you to drink a lot of water.

It takes about 6-7 weeks to recover from the traditional blepharoplasty surgery. But thanks to the laser method, recovery time has fastened. It will take 4-5 weeks, more or less depending on how you take care of yourself. Remember that there is no alternative to your doctor’s advice.


If you are suffering from bagginess or excess skin in your eyelids then there is no other option like this surgery. A bright appearance, young-looking face, a clear vision is what the laser eyelid surgery offers you. Are you going to take the offer then?