Dental Implants Abroad Going for It: Dental Tourism guide

dental implants abroad
Dental Implants Abroad Going for It: Dental Tourism guide

Dental implants abroad have become a very popular way to replace your damaged teeth. But which international country is best for you? How to arrange? and much more about dental implants throughout this article.

What is Dental Implant?

The dental surgery where metal posts or frames generally made of titanium are positioned into the jawbone below the gum. Then a replacement tooth is placed on the metal or onto the implant. This replacement tooth is called a crown.

When is it Necessary?

A lot of people do not find it a necessity to go for dental implants. But it is changing dramatically in recent years. People are now going for implants in number. This is because of the safety and ease that the procedure provides. So the question is when do you need a dental implant?

It is very simple. A lot of people’s teeth will not stick to the gum forever. Eventually, there might be some tooth that will fall off. Also, besides the natural process of tooth fall, there are also other ways you can have your teeth fallen.

Imagine getting punched by Mike Tyson! You might lose a few of your teeth, right? Well, I am sure that you are not going to get punched by Mike Tyson. But you can still lose your teeth in a similar fashion. Maybe You can get in an accident and break some of your teeth. You can go play football in the field and get your teeth knocked out by your opponent. You can maybe step over and break your teeth. Well, you get the idea. All these are good reasons for you to consider dental implants.

Gum disease is another reason for getting implants. Generally, it is caused by the bacteria called plaque. It appears due to lack of daily brushes, cleaning or rinsing the teeth. Smoking, hormonal shifts, nutritional deficiencies, crooked teeth, all can contribute to creating gum disease. You should consider having dental implants for such condition.

Tooth decay could also be solved with the implant procedure. Tooth decay is a major problem for many people around the world. Dry mouth is a reason for tooth decay. It is easy for bacteria like the plaque to build up on a mouth without sufficient saliva.

These conditions can and might cause you to lose or miss teeth. And we all know how awful it is to have missing teeth (forget smiling in front of your friends lol). The dental implant becomes necessary for you to undergo these kinds of conditions.

Why Abroad?


In recent times, it has caught the eyes of many. People now tend to go abroad for dental implants rather than stay home and complete the procedure there. This phenomenon has a name and it is called “dental tourism”.

The prime reason why patients are traveling abroad is the least cost. It is quite amazing that you can go to a whole different land and yet minimize the cost. The expense is much less than having the surgery at home.

Now there is a little confusion. Many people say that if you go abroad, you will not receive the best treatment. They do not have the best equipment. That is why they charge less. Now there are some risks involved if you go abroad and we will discuss them later. But the lack of facility is not one of them.

The cost is less and the service is still the same as you will receive at home in a good hospital or clinic. The only difference is the expense.

Why do they charge less? There is no specific answer to this question that many people ask. But it could be because of the state of that particular country which determines the less cost they offer. Also, it might be to attract visitors. Another reason might be that the dentists abroad do not demand high salaries. This reduces the cost of the patient also because a huge portion of the total cost depends on the salary of the surgeon. Nonetheless, it is still a good offer that is almost undeniable.

Of course, it is important to remember that not every abroad country will provide good facility even if they take less money. But there are some countries that have become pretty popular with regards to the dental implant. You will know about those countries later in the article.


Generally, there are two types of implants that the dentists operate.

  1. Endosteal Implants: The form of endosteal implants is normally root form. A blade form is also seen. By surgical procedures, they are implanted directly into your jawbone. Then as the gum tissue heals, another surgery is done to connect a post to the endosteal implant. Of course, the surgeon will check your bone area because they need to have sufficient strength to support the implant. Then the crown (an artificial tooth) is attached with the post connected earlier. Amount of bone, quality of bone and the patient’s desire of looks will all be taken into consideration and surgery will be done accordingly. The endosteal implants are the most common type of implants.
  2. Subperiosteal: The subperiosteal implant is a type of implant that is generally conducted on people who have less than enough natural jawbones. It consists of a metal framework that is attached below your gum tissue and above or on your jawbone. There are metal posts attached to the frame which protrudes through the gums because the frame becomes fixed to the jawbone with the healing of the gums. The subperiosteal is often used to cover a large surface area or to act as a support for endosteal implants.

Immediate vs Traditional Implants

With the advancement of technology and science, the experts are always coming up with new ways to serve humanity. Such one type is the same day implant or the immediate implant. So, how does it fair against the traditional way?

Traditional Implant

It involves two procedures in general. And normally there is a four to six month time between the two procedures. The first procedure involves the extraction of tooth.

During the surgery of the first procedure, a metal frame or post will be positioned in the jaw. In the next four to six months, it will heal and the post will almost become a part of the jaw. During this period, a patient could wear dentures or flippers until they are ready for the implants.

Once the area has healed, the second procedure is ready to undergo. It involves a placement of abutment. This abutment is like a connector that lies top or above the gum line. Now with the placement of abutment done, it allows the dentist to implant the crown. The abutment should be in the correct position and placed with firmness. With the implant of the crown, strength and support are now back.

Sometimes during the healing process, a bone grafting may be necessary. If bone grafting is not placed then there might a loss of gum tissue.

Immediate Implant

This type of implant process offers a service that accomplishes both placing an implant and restoration in a single day or visit. If you are just tired of waiting around and want to get it over quick then it is perfect for you. In this method, dental implants are immediately put after a tooth extraction.

It offers great benefit to the patients. It saves a huge amount of time. There is no need for you to wait for six months or so like in the traditional method. There is no need for you to book several visits to your doctor after the surgery as it will be done in one single day. And the best thing is that you get to enjoy immediate dental function with your permanent implant. There is no need for any temporary denture or anything.

The immediate implant does offer many benefits. And it would be best as it saves a lot of time and the results are immediate too. There are a few things which will decide if you can have this surgery or not. Among them is the strength of your jawbone. The doctor will scan and see if your jawbone strength is sufficient to carry out the surgery.

There are some conditions that will make you eligible for it. Here are a few of them.

  1. You have the desire to avoid any denture use.
  2. You are missing a tooth or more than one tooth.
  3. Bone loss is not seen in the jaw.

Preparation for Abroad Implant

Traveling from home always need some sort of preparation. This is especially the case if the reason for going abroad is a health issue. After you finalize your decision, you will need to prepare yourself in a way that there arises no real problem after landing abroad.

One of the first things that you are going to have to do is select the destination (we will discuss some countries that you could prefer). Selecting the right country is crucial. When you are choosing, consider the distance, lifestyle of the inhabitants, prices concerning drugs, how expensive the hotels are, etc.

The next thing to decide is the clinic you want to have the implant in. You are going to find information about different clinics of that particular country on the internet. Go and visit the clinic’s website and you will know a lot with regards to the procedure and expenses. There are also some sites that compare different clinics to help you get to a better conclusion. You might want to check those out too.

One question that you might have is how to arrange the implant abroad. It is pretty simple. In general, you will find two ways in which you can arrange. A medical travel agency can help you arrange. They will also help you to decide which clinic is best for you. They will show you a list of different clinics and their services and then you can decide yourself. Keep in mind that you are going to have to pay a good share to the medical travel agency if you do take their help.

The second way to arrange is through the clinic itself. In the clinic’s website, they will have a helpline number or email account through which you can contact and arrange everything.

If you are worried about finding a good hotel then there is a way to solve this. Your chosen clinic may offer you accommodation, and also pickups from the airport, transport to the clinic and transport back to the airport for leaving. Ask the clinic if they offer such packages. You will also find many medical travel agencies offer such type of packages. Be sure to check them out.

You are going to find cheaper hotels if you book yourself but still, it is better to pay a little extra and get a comfortable journey.

I cannot say enough about how much you have to research yourself. Do not fall short in researching the clinic, the facilities they provide, and the dentist who is going to be responsible for the implant.  Try to find out the experience level of the dentist and his/her qualifications also.

Do not only depend on the reviews of the clinic itself. Look to get an idea from other people who also went through the same procedure in the clinic. It is not that tough at all to find out their honest opinions. Internet forums or review sites will help get some honest opinions from people.

The clinic might not give an impartial opinion about some matter. That is why you should seek help from the experience of other people.

The preparation is really important and it dictates how well your whole journey is going to shape out. Think smart, take your time to decide any matter, make your decisions wisely and have a safe journey abroad.


The surgery is done in only under 35-40 minutes. You are going to be released the same day of the surgery without any delay.

Now, one of the questions that patients have with any surgery really is how painful is the surgery? During the procedure, you are more likely to be given anesthetic in the area where the implant is going to place. This will keep the area from feeling any sort of pain if there was any. This is what most of the implant patients say. There is almost no pain during the procedure.

After the procedure, you might have some sort of little pain. But it is still pretty minimal. In fact, a lot of the patients are seen going back to work the very next day.

In the first week or so, you need to stay careful. While brushing, you need to make sure that you do not damage the implant in any way. Take your time while brushing, the slower you brush the better. You should not have food that could cause damage. Try to avoid taking hot food or drink in the first week or so after the surgery.

Best Places for Dental Implants


Here are some of the countries that are best for you to get dental implants.


Hungary is one of the cheapest countries with excellent services. It is a great destination for Europeans to consider having dental implants. Even from the UK, you can go to Hungary. The travel distance is short and the price is manageable too.


There is no other country in Asian subcontinent that is going to provide you a better service than India. The big plus point is the fact that the Indians are fluent in English. Doctors, stuff, and even people in general are well learned in English. So, you do not have to worry about communication.


If you living in the US then there might not be a better option other than your neighboring country of Mexico. Just a few strides away, Mexico has a reputable dental industry. The cost is less than half of what you have to pay in the states.


Poland is another great choice if you are a brits. The flight cost is very low. And on top of the cheapness, the dentists are very well qualified indeed. They have to pass certain exams every five years to prove that they are qualified. So, if you choose Poland then you can be sure that you are in safe hands.


A calm place with a good and continuous developing health industry, Thailand is a great spot for dental implants. It is reported that about 1.2 million dental tourists visit the land of Thai every year. It promises to lead the dental tourism in the near future.