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My pores and skin and hair want to thank the sweetness business for the next at-home magnificence remedies which have been developed over the previous decade and have in flip made my life *so* a lot simpler: Differin gel, which pulled retinoids off the prescription pad and into the mainstream; K18’s peptide-packed hair therapy, which revitalizes my strands with out ever having to step right into a salon; and final however not least, the intense at-home laser expertise often called Lyma Laser ($2,695), which is giving me a complete new method to preserve my pores and skin, clean, plump, and hyperpigmentation free.

Launched in 2018, Lyma is the brainchild of Lucy Goff, an entrepreneur and wellness skilled, and Paul Clayton, PhD, a vitamin and preventative drugs scientist. The model grew because the pair gained entry to new expertise, launching the laser and skincare merchandise (a serum and cream) in tow, which collectively “enhance pores and skin texture and wrinkles and can be utilized throughout all pores and skin tones,” in accordance with Joshua Zeichner, MD, FAAD, a New York Metropolis dermatologist.

What’s extra, Lyma helps even out pores and skin tone, assists with collagen synthesis (for plumping), and has epigenetic prowess, so by utilizing it, “the genes related to growing older are switched off and the genes related to renewal are switched on,” Goff explains. The perfect half? You should use it at dwelling, in between reruns of Gilmore Women or Zoom conferences.

Now, at near $3,000, the Lyma Laser is considerably costlier than many beauty-tech instruments in the marketplace. Whereas docs do say it really works, is it value all that coin? Hold studying for my sincere overview.

Lyma, Lyma Laser — $2,765.00


  • Helps to enhance pores and skin laxity, making your complexion seem tighter
  • Helps to enhance pores and skin tone, making your complexion seem extra even
  • Helps with sagging pores and skin
  • It helps to cut back hyperpigmentation
  • It helps to cut back zits and zits scarring
  • Can be utilized at dwelling with no downtime
  • Protected on all pores and skin sorts
  • Derm-approved


  • Costly
  • You will need to decide to utilizing it for at the least quarter-hour day by day; in any other case, the outcomes will go away

How does the Lyma Laser work?

In keeping with Goff, Lyma is a “fully cold-near and red-laser gentle”, which signifies that it doesn’t work by utilizing warmth like most different lasers do. The lasers that you simply’ll discover on the dermatologist’s workplace use bursts of sunshine to break the pores and skin, signaling your physique’s wound-repair mechanism, which indicators your physique to supply collagen, plumping the pores and skin. “The Lyma Laser can be painless and doesn’t require any downtime, not like some in-office laser remedies, which could be uncomfortable and take days and even weeks to totally recuperate from,” says Dendy Engelman, MD, FAAD, a New York Metropolis board-certified beauty dermatologist and Mohs surgeon.

The expertise behind the Lyma is borrowed from cartilage-repair science, working at 500mW energy on the 808nm wavelength (aka, it’s highly effective). Goff says it faucets expertise referred to as “’shafted laser gentle’, which acts like a needle and goes all the best way down by means of your physique, previous the pores and skin and into the muscle tissue, to regenerate cells by means of a phenomenon referred to as ‘laser speckle’.”

Picture Courtesy: Lyma Laser

“Chilly lasers, just like the Lyma Laser, penetrate as deep as about two inches into the pores and skin and work by impacting the adenosine triphosphate (ATP), or the chemical vitality, in our our bodies,” explains Dr. Engelman. “Every cell in our our bodies comprises mitochondria, which generate nearly all of ATP wanted to energy biochemical reactions. When a chilly laser is utilized to the pores and skin, it will increase the mitochondria’s mobile vitality output. Further ATP within the physique’s cells and tissues leads to utilizing this vitality to detoxify, regenerate, and assist within the physique and pores and skin’s therapeutic course of.”

Only a observe: The FDA regulates medical gadgets in the US, and types should endure an arduous course of to make claims about what they will do. This course of isn’t essentially dangerous, particularly for lasers—we don’t need keychain flashlights claiming they’ll remedy zits. However due to this regulation course of, Lyma can solely talk about its skin-care prowess, however elsewhere on the earth, it’s additionally touted as a restoration system.

How you can use the Lyma Laser

Whenever you order the Lyma Laser, you’ll additionally obtain skincare merchandise to make use of with the laser: an Oxygen Mist and a Glide Gel that gives a pleasant slip in your pores and skin. Right here’s the precise run-down of methods to use all of it collectively.

  1. Wash your pores and skin: Whether or not you’re utilizing the Lyma Laser in your face, neck, or decolletage, first wash the realm fully utilizing your cleanser of selection.
  2. Spritz on the Oxygen Mist: Spritz on six pumps of the Oxygen Mist, which comprises oxygen, a potent antioxidant that helps with mobile restoration and pores and skin elasticity.
  3. Apply the Glide Gel: Unfold three to 4 pumps of the Lyma serum and your selection of oil or moisturizer onto the realm the place you’ll be utilizing the Lyma Laser. In the event you’re doing all of your total face, half that quantity in order that the gel and moisturizer don’t dry earlier than you will get to every space.
  4. Get sweeping: Transfer the laser from the aspect of the jaw, near your ear, towards the middle of the face, repeating the motion 5 instances and conserving the laser in touch with the pores and skin always.
  5. Maintain on areas: You’ll be able to maintain the realm onto spots of concern for at least three minutes a day to see extra pronounced outcomes.

The Lyma Laser: My overview

There’s loads to like in regards to the Lyma Laser, however what I really like most is how handy it’s. I take advantage of mine once I’m watching TV and might get a medical-grade laser therapy, all inside the course of an episode of 30 Rock.

To make use of it, I’ll first spritz the Oxygen Mist on my pores and skin, then comply with with the gliding gel on one half of my face, utilizing the commercials that I used to search out annoying as time ideas that I want to maneuver to a unique quadrant of my face. The Lyma Laser feels loads such as you’re holding a flashlight in your hand and shining it in your face. That inside gentle feels barely heat at instances, nevertheless it by no means will get significantly sizzling.

Picture: Creator

I’ll transfer the laser from the surface of my jaw to the interior a part of my face so that every a part of my complexion will get focused. There are some localized areas, like my brow and a spot of hyperpigmentation (the results of a practitioner flipping on a separate laser too powerfully from a couple of years in the past) that I prefer to give attention to greater than others. So, I’ll additionally maintain the Lyma Laser on these locations for about 5 minutes day-after-day. In doing so, the patch on my face has already begun to fade in only a week. What’s extra, the redness on my cheeks is beginning to dissipate—up to now, my redness has been arduous to do away with, so this can be a welcomed change.

Whereas I need to proceed utilizing it extra to see extra outcomes, my preliminary evaluation is that it’s highly effective, and the outcomes are extra substantive inside every week than I anticipated.


Is the Lyma Laser Protected for all pores and skin sorts?

Dr. Engelman says sure—because it’s a chilly laser, it’s protected on all pores and skin sorts, not like different remedies corresponding to Fraxel. Whereas different lasers aren’t at all times protected for all pores and skin sorts and pores and skin tones as a result of they use gentle to hunt out pigment within the pores and skin, chilly lasers operate in a different way, making them a great choice for all.

“In medical trials, the Lyma Laser has demonstrated excellent leads to bettering the feel, tone, and total look of pores and skin,” Dr. Engelman continues. “Sufferers who adopted advisable utilization over a couple of months confirmed visually important adjustments of their pores and skin’s look.”

What’s the distinction between Lyma and LED gadgets?

One of many deceiving components of the Lyma Laser is that, when it activates, it has a shiny purple gentle to point it’s in use, however that purple gentle doesn’t do something, per se. “The purple gentle you see is simply the change to let you know the system is on. The laser inside is near-infrared, which is invisible to the human eye,” says Goff. So, although the sunshine could look just like an LED, it features totally in a different way—and extra powerfully in your pores and skin.

The Lyma Laser claims to be 100 instances more practical at treating pores and skin due to how deeply its gentle can penetrate the floor of your pores and skin to successfully goal the cells. In keeping with analysis, how efficient gentle remedy is in your pores and skin is dependent upon a couple of issues: the wavelength, depth, and energy of a laser. Whereas LED gentle can penetrate the pores and skin (typically, stories point out that blue LED gentle reaches 400 to 490 nm and purple LED gentle reaches between 630 to 670 nm), that gentle is rapidly scattered, so whereas some parts of the sunshine could make it to the deepest depths, not all of that gentle can accomplish that. This, in flip, impacts the lights’ potential to assist rejuvenate and restore the pores and skin.

In contrast, the Lyma Laser can penetrate deeply by means of unscattered, “direct infrared gentle with two inside subtle lenses, and disperse the central laser beam into 25,000 laser beams throughout the three-centimeter lens” to supply extra pronounced outcomes. As Dr. Engelman explains, infrared can penetrate as much as two centimeters within the pores and skin, and since the sunshine sources aren’t diffracted, they will really assist regenerate the pores and skin and supply mobile indicators to revive it.

Closing ideas

In the event you can afford the Lyma Laser, it’s a no brainer. I’ll take this time to remind you that any laser therapy goes to set you again tons of, if not hundreds, of {dollars}. One Fraxel therapy, for instance, can run you $1,500; the Lyma laser offers you the equal of that for years to return.

Lyma Laser has epigenetic expertise (once more, it adjustments the best way your cells function), works for all pores and skin tones and kinds, and has really beautiful earlier than and afters for individuals who use it for the lengthy haul; nonetheless, as with all lasers, you must preserve utilizing it constantly to see outcomes.

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