Lasik Eye Surgery Age Information

Lasik eye surgery age
Lasik eye surgery age

LASIK is the most common, popular, famous and most preferably used laser eye surgery all over the world. LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted in-situ Keratomileusis. This surgery is performed to treat myopia or nearsightedness, hyperopia or farsightedness, astigmatism, etc. In this surgery, at first the epithelial or the outer layer of the cornea is removed and adjustments are made on the inner layer by removing tissue with the help of the excimer laser. You do not have to wear glasses or corrective contact lenses anymore after this surgery. LASIK is a great way of getting rid of the disturbances caused by glasses or corrective lenses. In this article, you will be able to know about the LASIK eye surgery age limits, restrictions, advantages, factors that affect LASIK surgery and many more.

Restrictions of LASIK eye surgery age

The only age restriction that LASIK surgery has is LASIK cannot be performed to anyone under 18 years old. LASIK before turning at least 18 is not safe because eyes keep changing in the early adult stage of a person’s life. But it is recommended that the LASIK surgery should be performed on a patient after he or she enters into their 20s. But it is performed to the kids under 18 who have a severe problem in their eyes.

However, the necessity of this surgery also depends on the physical structure, overall health condition and most importantly, the condition of the eye of the patient. If the overall physical condition is healthy, then there should not be any problem performing LASIK to an underaged person. And again, if the condition is not so good, the consulting doctor may suggest you to perform LASIK eye surgery even if you are not old enough.

If you want to know about the best age of performing LASIK, I would say it is between 20-40 years of a person’s life. During this time, the eyes do not tend to undergo much change. They remain in a stable condition. We will learn about this later and in details.

A good thing about LASIK is that this surgery does not have any upper age limit. Anybody from any range of age can perform this surgery according to the patient’s condition. We will also learn about that later in the article.

18-25 years

LASIK surgery becomes eligible for a person when he or she is at least 18 years old. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved LASIK for the people who are above 18. LASIK before 18 years could be very risky for some people or we can say, most of the people. This is why patients are not encouraged to sit for this surgery even for the people who are under 24/25 years. To perform LASIK, a patient should have a stable visual history. But the human body still grows and undergoes changes up to 25. Or in some cases, the growth may take less or more time than that. With the whole body, the eyes also keep changing. A requirement for LASIK is that the patient should have the same eye condition for many (at least 2) years. The people who have stable eye condition for 2 years of wearing the same glasses or contact lenses for 2 years are most likely acceptable to sit for LASIK surgery.

However, just as I have said earlier if your body is healthy; the doctor will allow you to sit for this kind of laser eye surgery even if you do not meet the minimum age requirements.

25-40 years

Almost all of the eye surgeons agree that the best time for sitting for LASIK is between 25-40 years. The people of this age range are the best candidates for this treatment. During this time, the eyes do not undergo change like in the early ages and a person of this age range is a fully grown, healthy, strong person. They also have a stable vision for 2 years. So there is no problem performing this surgery on them.

40 and above

After the 40s, the health condition of a person begins to reduce. Even, the person who did not need to use any glasses or lenses starts to need to use glasses for reading. From this, I think you can understand that I am referring to the point that, the eye of a person begins to weaken gradually after the age of 40. But it does not matter because they are still capable of doing this surgery. I have said earlier that there is no upper age limit in for LASIK. If the patient’s health condition is still intact, he or she can sit for LASIK surgery anytime.

There is a slight little problem for the people above 60. After the 60s, the eyes weaken more and cataracts start to develop. LASIK cannot be performed at that time. To perform LAKIS surgery on such patients, at first, the cataract has to be treated surgically. Then, if the patient is in good condition, they can undergo LASIK. But, if the condition of the eye of an old patient is too bad and it has to be treated quickly, well, there is no other way around for that patient other than to sit for LASIK.

Eye and health factors for a LASIK candidate

In the earlier parts of this article, I have mentioned the words “good health conditions” many times. What do I mean by these words?

  • The overall health of the eyes: If you have dry eyes, glaucoma, cataracts or any other eye problems, your LASIK candidacy is in danger.
  • The thickness of the cornea: This is a very important factor. If your cornea is too thin then you might not be a perfect candidate for LASIK. If LASIK is performed on the people with thin corneas, the surgery might not be successful and the vision problem may become worse. There is a special type of alternative surgery of LASIK for the people with a thin cornea. This surgery is called LASEK; Laser-Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratectomy.
  • Size of the pupil: If the size of your pupil is very large, then you may have to face glares or halos after LASIK. These are some of the side effects of LASIK surgery.
  • Pregnancy: Well you have to double-check to sit for any surgery if you are pregnant. The doctor will see to that.