The Costs in Doing a Laser Eye Surgery in India

Laser Eye Surgery cost India
Laser Eye Surgery cost in India

In the last decade, laser eye surgery has become very common in India. The cost of this surgery is something that a lot of people are unaware of. In this article, our main objective is to give you the best idea about laser eye surgery cost in India. From this article, you can know more important information about about laser eye surgery, including the laser eye surgery cost India.

What is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery is a medical operation conducted to improve the vision of the human eyes. This surgery helps to regain a 20-20 vision. So, there will be no need to use contact lenses or eyeglasses.

Why and for whom is it necessary?

The treatment has become a popular one because of its incredible success rate. It is really hard to believe but the truth is that the success rate of this surgery is well over 90%. And stats suggest that the Indians are favoring this because it is one of the most common eye surgeries conducted in India.

There are so many people who are overjoyed and grateful because of the availability of this surgery. After going through this surgery, they now have regained their 20-20 vision. And no longer do they need the spectacles or any contact lenses.

Our body parts wear down as we age. Even our eyes start losing their proper sight. When the age touches the 40 mark, many people could have some common eyesight defect.

At that kind of age, people start to see the far distant objects with blurry vision. In medical term, this eyesight defectiveness is called myopia. Also, some people might have another problem called hyperopia. It is when people see near object with a blurry vision.

For people with such common eye diseases, the treatment of laser eye is second to none. And in the recent decade, this surgery has made its name on the top of the list of eye surgeries.

This is also a good treatment for astigmatism. Astigmatism refers to the state of the eye of humans when their vision is always blurred, and not just for near or far objects.

It is a surgery for people who want to give up the lenses and the glasses. Its effectiveness allows the patient to have the perfect eyesight.

Most Common Laser Eye surgery in India

There is more than one type of eye surgery that is done with the help of laser. Generally, there are three types that are most common. All three are used to reshape your cornea. They are discussed below.


In LASIK treatment, the surgeon will create a flap and this flap will gently be lifted. Then the laser begins. The laser helps to reshape the corneal tissue. In general, the laser lasts for only a minute and not more than a minute and a half. Then the lifted flap is put back into its place.


PRK stands for Photorefractive Keratectomy. Unlike LASIK, there is no flap created in this treatment. Rather the thin epithelium layer is removed and never put back. It means that the layer is completely removed and after the surgery, during the recovery period, the epithelium layer grows back. This removal of the layer is only done to gain more access to the corneal tissues that are too deep.

Then laser is used just like LASIK treatment to reshape the tissues. PRK is very good for patients with very thin corneas.

[Here is an interesting fact for you. PRK surgery is the first ever laser eye treatment which stopped the use of blade. It was then followed by LASIK and others.]


This is almost a combination of LASIK and PRK, and also the closest to PRK. During the LASEK surgery, there is no lifted nor is there any removal. But it is concerned with preservation. The epithelium layer is preserved and then it is replaced.

The most common in India among this list is no doubt LASIK. It is used to correct both myopia and hyperopia. A lot of people prefer it because of how comforting it is and also how painless it is.

The Things You Need To Be Careful About

Before the surgery and its costs, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. These will be necessary for your betterment.

Do not go for this surgery if you have other major health issues like pregnancy. No matter how much trouble you have with your sight, it is better to back off from the surgery. It is better to even lose eyesight than your whole life. Solve those issues first and then go for the eye surgery.

Beware of frauds. This is really the biggest concern living in India. In India, there are many clinics, hospitals or private office of doctors that do not have the proper technology to complete this kind of surgery. There are also some that will not take tests which are a must before undergoing the surgery. But still, they will not tell you this. They will take less money. So you can think that with less money, you can get the surgery done. But the reality is that this is nothing but a mistake.

I would strongly suggest that you do your research well. And then find the place that is going to give you the best treatment. And also, it is very important that you learn and know about the surgeon who is going to perform the surgery.

By the way, this is not true just for India. If you live in other nearby places like Bangladesh, Pakistan, then be extremely careful and avoid these schemes and fakes.

If you want to have this surgery then it is actually a need for your eyes to be in good shape. Their power has to be stabilized for at least over a year. And also your cornea should be healthy for the operation. If the doctors find your cornea to be a bit irregularly shaped then they might not allow you to have the surgery.

Although the laser eye surgery is a pretty safe procedure altogether, there have been reports of side effects. You should know about the side effects from your doctor before the surgery. And then you can make preparation at your home for potential side effects. So, now you will not need to hustle after the surgery if some side effects do show up.

Some Information You Need To Know

You should follow the doctor’s advice strictly during the period of pre-op. Your doctor will give out a routine of what not to eat, how to lead your regular life, etc. Also, there could be prescriptions even before the surgery. This will add up to your cost.

The surgery itself is quite remarkable. There is hardly any pain at all. This is mainly because of aesthetical drops used by the doctor. In addition, the surgery takes only 10-15 minutes to complete.

The recovery period is not long at all, especially for the LASIK treatment. There has been a significant amount of patients who got their result in 24-48 hours of the surgery! But PRK and LASEK take a little longer to recover.

Laser Eye Surgery Cost In India

The cost of any surgery depends on a lot of different factors actually. This is the same case with the laser surgery also.

There are factors that will increase the cost level. These factors include the area you are getting your surgery from, the surgeon you choose, prescriptions for medication, the medical tests, post-operative visits to the surgeon’s office, etc.

All these and other factors contribute to increasing the cost of the whole procedure. The cost also depends on the type of surgery you are getting. In general, LASIK costs more than LASEK and PRK. LASIK can cost you double the money PRK costs. But remember that LASIK has proved to be a better healer than the other two.

In India, the cost also varies from city to city. Places like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune have a high rate. It could cost you up to $1850 in Pune, whereas the price could as high as $800 in Kolkata. The average cost in Thane is estimated to be around $680. The price is also on the moderate side in Mumbai. The price there could start from $275 up to $1200.

Many people want to know if their insurance is going to cover the cost. The answer is simple. The insurance in India is not going to cover such a costly operation like the laser eye surgery.