Best Treatment Tips For Nocturnal Back Pain

Nocturnal Back Pain
Best Treatment Tips For Nocturnal Back Pain

If you cannot get a good night sleep because of back pain then this article is for you. Widely known as the Nocturnal back Pain or nighttime back pain disease, it is one of the common diseases people suffer from at night.

What is it?

Nocturnal back pain is a disease that takes effect on people at night. It causes severe pain in the lower back of your stomach. It instigates so much pain that you are unable to sleep one bit. And this leaves you with an awful day to follow.

But the good thing is that it can be healed with simple tricks at home. You might not even have to go to your doctor to solve this back pain. Rather you can solve it at home by following some rules that we are going to discuss in this article.

But of course, remember that prevention is better than cure. Yes, it is nice to get better from a disease but it is even nicer to not even have the disease in the first place, right? Well, that is why we will also see the causes of this disease and how it can be prevented.

Signs That Suggests You Have Night Back Pain

This particular disease doesn’t really show too many signs that will ensure you that you are indeed suffering from it. But the main thing that you need to know is that you are going to have some sort of pain in the lower back.

Although it is more related to night time, it can still haunt you during the day. So if it has caught you then you are definitely going to suffer from back pain at night. And it will trouble you and prevent you from getting a good night sleep. In addition to this, you might also experience pain in the same areas during the day time.

Do You Need To Worry?

The nighttime back pain disease in and of itself can pose no serious threat. You do not have to worry about it that much. There are some common solutions that you can do yourself at your home. We will discuss them in this article. And thus you can get rid of it with ease. But…

Although it cannot cause a serious health problem itself, it can lead to a serious problem if you do not deal with it in time.

Such serious diseases include spinal tumor, Osteomyelitis, Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS).

Spinal Tumor: It is an associate of cancer that is described as an abnormal growth of tissue. This disease generally happens in individuals whose bone expanded. People with weak bones are also vulnerable to this. Either way, it is a serious cancer associated disease that needs full attention.

A tremendous amount of back pain, weakness in the whole body, loss of appetite, weight loss could all be good symptoms that a person has spinal tumor.

Osteomyelitis: This is rather a very rare disease seen in patients of back pain. But like its rareness, it is also extremely serious.

Osteomyelitis is an inflammation of the bone. It is due to the infection that occurs in bone. The scary thing about it is that once the infection happens in one part of the bone, it can spread at a fast pace.

Extreme fever, fatigue, nausea are the common symptoms. You could also see redness around the infected area. In addition, there could also be swelling of the affected bones.

Ankylosing Spondylitis: It is a form of chronic inflammation of the spine that causes the spine to fuse in a fixed and immobile position. It is seen in younger persons more. The AS will cause extreme pain, stiffness in and around the spine will be felt.

In case of all these three situations, you are to give up trying to get better yourself. And you must have to consult your doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor will examine you to confirm the existence of the disease and then will provide the right set of solutions.

Why Do You Have It? (Causes)

There are different reasons that create the night time pain. We are going to go over some of them in this section.

•    Disc Degenerative disease. This generally occurs with age. As we grow old, our bones are likely to become less firm. The disc degenerative is such a condition where some discs between the vertebrae breaks down. This leads to pain in the back and ultimately could be a reason for nocturnal back pain.

•    Sporting could also be a reason for this. When you play during the day, there are possibilities of pulled muscles or extra strain on the shoulder or back. Sometimes you will not realize this instantly. But at night it will bother you. From this, you might develop nocturnal back pain.

•    How do you sleep? In what position? This also has an effect. If you sleep in an unusual position then you are only inviting trouble. For example, if you sleep on your stomach then you will have to keep your neck in an awkward position. This might cause pain in your neck. Like this, if your body is awkwardly positioned then developing back pain becomes a lot easier.

•    Your bed or mattress could have a big impact on your back. Harder mattress will cause pain just as a too softer one will. It is recommended to use a moderate one. Not too soft, nor too hard. The issue with softer ones is that they tend to put your body in an unstable shape. And as your body twists, there develops a chance of having night back pain.

How to Sleep

The way you sleep matters a lot. First and foremost, if you use two pillows then it is recommended that you use one. Why? It is because of the fact that if you have two pillows then your head will be higher. Then you will have to bend your neck a little bit. This will only add to the chances of developing back pain.

It will be better for you that you ditch one pillow. You should try to keep a balance of your entire body. I know that you might have your own favorite posture. So, you can sleep in your favorite posture if you make sure that there is a good balance of your body.

There should not be extra pressure on any one part of the body. This is what happens to many people. They sleep in a manner that puts extra pressure on their spine. And so it eventually develops into the night pain.

If you want to keep two pillows so much then do not keep both of them under your head. Rather you should put one below the mid-section of your body (if you can). That will ease a bit pressure off of your spine.

Do not move much and place your spine in a vulnerable position. Try to be as steady as possible. If you feel that your sleeping position is putting unwanted pressure on the spine then change your position fast. And transfer to a much easier position instead.

Be the Doctor!

There are treatments for this disease which do not require a doctor or any fancy equipment. The patient can become a doctor. In this section, we will mention some simple treatments that you can follow to heal fast.

The back pain is related to your body muscles. They are most likely not in their precise position. That is why you should be doing a lot of stretching. Stretching helps a lot with the back pain.

You need to start stretching at a regular routine. Once a day is not enough. If you want to get better then you should be willing to sacrifice a little. I would suggest that you at the very least do stretching twice a day. You can select the time. But I would suggest that you stretch before going to bed at night and after waking up in the morning.

This will keep the pain time in between your stretching time. You will start to see the results yourself.

Of course, there are a number of stretches you can follow. Doing yoga is not a bad decision at all. You know the one where you bend down and touch your feet with the tip of your finger. You can follow that one.

Other forms of exercise are also recommended. Lying down and elevating knees up to the chest is also a good exercise to follow in this situation.

Now that you have back pain, you have got an excuse to get a free massage from your siblings. I remember how I fooled my brother into getting me a massage. And I did not even have any back pain at all. So, I am sure that your siblings will come running to help you out. Massages will help in dealing with the pain.

When you go to sleep at night, apply heat pads. This will keep the place warm and will reduce the chance of any severe pain. If the pain is too much at night and you cannot apply the head pad then apply in the morning or some other time during the day.

If you follow these simple rules regularly then you will get rid of the pain. But if the pain is not reduced after trying these out then you must go see the doctor. There are chances that the pain is from other serious diseases and not because of the nocturnal back pain.