What Is A Healthy Diet?

When it comes to eating for good health, it isn’t about counting calories, portioning out food, or abstaining from carbs. You won’t find a healthy diet at a restaurant or fast food chain. Eating healthily is about what you consume, rather than how much you consume. A fad diet won’t make you truly healthy; it’s the long-term lifestyle choices of eating healthy that will keep you healthy. But what does a healthy diet look like? Is the Standard American Diet (SAD) the answer to good health?

Unfortunately, it’s not. Studies show that even with advanced health care and the war on cancer, our nation isn’t getting any healthier. So why is it that so many people still have diabetes and heart problems, and take prescription drugs?

The answer may lie in living food. Eating fresh vegetables, fruits, juices, and green leafy salads may be the key to a healthier life. The secret to good health is to eat a healthy diet at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is the way to a healthier you and your family!