Winning The Losing Weight Game

Are you frequently considering your weight or what you are or aren’t consuming? Do you find that when you start eating, it’s hard to stop? Then, if your clothing doesn’t fit, do you decide to fix it by eating more? This often results in poor self-esteem and the sensation that everyone is judging you, so you eat more for comfort.

Although it may seem impossible, there are measures you can take to break out of this self-destructive cycle and turn around the negative feelings. We habitually keep repeating these thought patterns and carrying out the same actions without looking at where they come from and their effects.

An easy question such as ‘What will that do for me?’ can be the starting point for comprehending ourselves better and our behavior. This way, you can start to do things differently. For example, if a bad experience triggers you to eat a lot of biscuits, instead of doing that ask yourself: ‘What will that do for me?’ If your answer is something like ‘It gives me a treat’, ask yourself: ‘If I have this treat, what will that do for me?’ and keep asking until you can’t answer anymore.

You want to find the main reason why you act that way. By doing this regularly, you can figure out what you want and take the first step to controlling your food cravings. I once worked with a client, Mary, who was unhappy with her weight and eating. She wanted to feel comforted, and after looking at other aspects of her life, it was clear that she was not appreciated and was lacking in many ways.

We found out that by allowing herself ‘me time’ to do things she enjoyed, like taking a bath or going out with friends, she felt more visible, appreciated and loved. Mary worked on rewarding, comforting and appreciating herself without having to eat, and soon she was very clear about her goals and how to reach them.

People around her started to notice the change and became more receptive and positive. As a result, she lost weight, looked and felt happier, and stopped looking for comfort in food.

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