Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost & Tips And Tricks

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost
Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost & Tips And Tricks

The wisdom tooth once also called the tooth of wisdom. But we just call it the wisdom tooth only. The primitive people used to call it with that tacky name. The wisdom tooth is the third and the last pair of the molar teeth situated at the far backside of the mouth. Having these wisdom teeth sometimes becomes painful for some people. For many reasons, they create so much pain and discomfort that we need to perform surgery to remove them to get relief from the pain. Like every other surgery, the surgery of removing the wisdom tooth has some cost. In this article, we will discuss the wisdom teeth removal cost and also inform you about things related to it.

Why do we have wisdom Tooth?

The wisdom teeth are the last pairs of molar teeth in the human mouth. During ancient times, we humans used to eat raw, uncooked or hard food. But as we become more civilized, our diet system became better. Now, we eat food after properly cooking them. So the diet has gotten softer. We needed the wisdom teeth to chew those hard foods we used to eat. But as we do not eat those foods anymore, the wisdom teeth became useless gradually. Our brain also got sharper. So with evolution, the wisdom teeth have started to appear in later age.

In today’s time, the wisdom teeth generally appear at the end of the teenage or at the start of the twenties. In some cases, they grow even at the age of 25 or sometimes even more. But the probable age we mention is 17-25. Its presence does not change anything. If it is present, then it could be used to chew hard foods sometimes. But it remains useless almost always. And if it is not present, still no difference. We can use other teeth to do its work.

Why do we remove the wisdom teeth?

As I have said earlier, the wisdom teeth appear at a later age. When it appears, it penetrates through the gum of the back of the mouth. Sometimes if the area is too congested, the tooth presses against the nearest tooth and the gum or the muscle around it. Sometimes if it does not have enough strength to push others, it grows up bent instead of growing straight. At times it does not even grow fully or even halfway. It stops growing after just appearing a bit from the gum or does not even penetrate the gum. It remains under the muscles of the gum and causes severe pain in every bite. In all of the above cases, the patient will feel extreme pain and discomfort inside the mouth. To get rid of this, wisdom tooth removal is a must. But sometimes the problem can be solved without removing the tooth. Consult an expert dentist for this. If he or she suggests that it can be cured without any surgery, well that would be better. If you get the suggestion of removing the stupid tooth which is making your life unbearable, do it immediately before it causes any other complications.


There are multiple ways of removing a wisdom tooth. One way includes just removing the tooth normally. And the other one is a typical surgery. The cost of the first way is less.

Extraction /removal/ simple process

The first process is done if and only if the tooth is in a normal position like the other teeth. The area near the tooth is made numb at first with an anesthetic injection. If the patient is too anxious, then the surgeon might give the patient sedatives for putting him or her to sleep. When the area surrounding the tooth is numb then the surgeon will loosen the connective tissues from around the tooth. Then the tooth will be simply pulled out with a set of dental tools.

Surgical process

The second process is applied if the tooth or the patient has some other problems. I have said earlier that the tooth grows in many complicated ways. When the tooth cannot be just reached normally to pull it out, a proper surgery is performed. If the tooth is under the gum, the surgeon will make an incision on the muscle first to reach the tooth and then remove it. If the tooth is impacted i.e. if it cannot erupt from beneath the mouth, it causes more pain and its extraction is also very complicated. When the root of the tooth is too strong, it becomes much harder for the surgeon to remove the tooth in the traditional way.

For such complicated cases, the surgeon might use a small drill to break the tooth into small pieces. So that it becomes more convenient for them to easily remove the tooth. And this is just the soft tissue impaction. There is another type of impaction left and it is much worse. It is called bony impaction. The bony impaction is such a case when the tooth is still enclosed with the jaw. So to remove such tooth, the surgeon may have to cut pieces of your jaw. This type of surgery is indeed complicated and also costs way more.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

The cost range of removing a wisdom tooth or all the wisdom teeth are different. And it must have been clear by this time now that the wisdom teeth removal cost also varies on the basis of the position of the tooth.


Normal extraction process

A simple wisdom tooth extraction process in which local anesthetic is used will cost $75 to $200 per tooth. If you get all four done altogether then it can cost $300 to $800. If you get all four removed at once then you might get some discounts from some surgeons or dental institutions.

Surgical extraction process

When the tooth is impacted, the tooth is removed in a surgical way. In this process, removing a single tooth can cost $225 to $600. And if all four are impacted and extracted together then the cost could be $1000 to $1800 or more. And if general anesthesia is used, it might add an additional $250 to $800.

Other costs

The above-stated accounts are only for the surgery. There are many other additional costs remaining.

  • The first one is X-ray. Before removing any tooth, an X-ray will be performed. This X-ray can cost from $50 to $250.
  • Next comes anesthesia. I have already mentioned the cost of the general anesthesia above. However, the cost of local anesthesia is much less. It could be $300.
  • Not to forget about the dentist you went for the checkup. You also owe him some money for giving you consultation. The rate of the dentists varies from person to person and area and the quality of the dentist. If he or she is a specialist or top-rated dentist then you have to pay a bit more.
  • Now comes the cost after the surgery. You need medications and prescriptions and other things.

Ways to reduce the cost

Dental insurance

If you have dental insurance then you can reduce the cost by some parts. Dental insurance will not fully take care of the whole process. Rather it will bear some portion of it. Some companies provide up to 80% of the money required for tooth removal. Some provide less. It varies on the company and its policy. Some provide an annual package of around $1000 only for dental health. This could be helpful for most people except for those who have complicated impactions.



The government might come for your help via Medicaid. There is another facility called Medicare. But it will not be helpful for the tooth removal process except for the special cases. So you have to rely on the state to help you through Medicaid. You can ask your dentist about it. They will provide you all the necessary information about it.

Dental school

A great way to save a large amount of money is performing your procedure with a dental school. Signing in as a dental patient in a school will the privilege. In dental school, your surgery will be performed by a student. And of course under the guideline of an expert supervisor. But if you find this process too risky then you are free to avoid it. It is just a great way to reduce the cost for some people.

Besides these, there are many other dental organizations or charitable organizations that might help you with it. They can find you a great discount on your overall procedure depending on the patient’s situation, location, etc.

Another trick to reduce wisdom teeth removal cost is to pay in full cash instead of paying with credit cards or paying in installments. The first advantage of paying in full cash is that you will get an instant discount. The second advantage is that you can negotiate with whomever you are paying the bill to for reducing the price.